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We all get stressed out in life. Whether it’s school, a job, a relationship, or just figuring the whole “life” thing out. Stress is always right around the corner and there is no hiding from it.

That’s where I want to help. I strive to do one thing: help you live the life you were designed to live.

How do I do this?

Sharing stories and teaching you what I’ve learned about battling daily stress in a healthy way. Not escapism.

To sum up…

I want to encourage and inspire you in this sometimes dark and broken world we live in. I believe Christ is the ultimate source of satisfaction, and I hope I can share His light with others!

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David J Meyer

Helping you escape from your busy life while inspiring you to live better. I may not speak well in person, but I love pouring my words onto a page. That is where I can truly speak what I feel.